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Webmaster Tools

There are a huge number of tools to help the webmaster, whether starting from scratch or with a lifetime of experience.

See what these have to offer.

Google Webmaster Tools - essential if you want the track your progress on Google

HTTP Response Checker - does your server return the correct responses for 401/404/500 errors? If not you may be penalised by the search engines. Use this tool to see what error codes get return for non-existing pages.

FavIcon Generator - A simple way to generate a FavIcon for your site from a normal image

Firefox Developer Toolbar - A very useful set of tools for the webmaster as well as the developer. (See Browser Extensions ).

Firefox Search Status Toolbar - Displays Google PageRank and Alexa ranking, along with other search related tools.

Fonts - Which fonts are common to Windows and Mac systems (browser safe fonts)?

Passwords - need to generate strong passwords? This generates them for you.

robots.txt file checker - get the syntax right for your robots.txt file

Sitemaps.org - A good FAQ about XML sitemaps

Sitemap Generator - On-line generator for XML Sitemaps. Limited to a maximum of 500 pages

Win32Whois - Win32Whois is a free, small and efficient tool that lets you retrieve registration information for a particular domain or website.

Yahoo Search Resources for Webmasters