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Validation Controls

A few hints and tips about the validation controls. There are several things we often need to do that aren't immediately obvious.

(There's a simple video showing how to add the validation controls at simplevalidation )

Validation on a drop down list

At first glance it looks as though there is no way of adding the normal validation to a drop down list to indicate that a values needs to be selected. In fact it's very simple.

Add a list item 'Select', set it as 'selected' and put it's value = ""

Then add a RequiredFieldValidator to the drop list control. As no value is given for the 'Select' option, the validator triggers and your error message is shown.

A Simpler Validation Summary

The ValidationSummary control gives a list of all the fields that have failed validation. Sometimes it's better just to have a simple indicator like * Required Fields

This can be achieved by altering both the RequiredFieldValidators and the ValidationSummary.

The RequiredFieldValidator control has a 'Text' property as well as the 'ErrorMessage' property. If set, the Text property is used by the control in place of the ErrorMessage, whilst the summary uses the ErrorMessage rather than the text. The Summary also has a HeaderText property which we can use for a generic message.

So, we set them as follows:

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" ErrorMessage="" Text="*" Font-Bold="True" ControlToValidate="myField"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

<asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" runat="server" DisplayMode="SingleParagraph" HeaderText="* Required Fields" />

Note that the ValidationSummary has it's DisplayMode set to SingleParagraph

With validation controls ErrorMessage set to "" and the summary HeaderText set to "* Required Fields" this is the summary message we get.

See an example

Giving focus to the form control that hasn't validated

It's normal to give focus to the first form item that has failed validation. This is simple to do, but not obvious.SetFocusOnError


Having added your Validation controls and set them for the fields they need to validate, select one of them and then look at the 'Behavior' group in the 'Tag Properties' panel. Underneath the 'ControlToValidate' entry you'll see a property "SetFoucusOnError', highlighted in yellow here.

Change this property from 'False' to 'True' and repeat this for every validation control.

Now, when the form is validated the first empty field will receive focus.

This is shown in the example used above


Validating Dates

At first glance there is no obvious way to validate dates that users enter for the correct format. It's easy when you know how.

Add a CompareValidator alongside the form control you want to validate.

Use the tag properties to set the ControlToValidate to point at the field you want validated. Then set 'Type' to 'Date', 'Operator' to 'DataTypeCheck' and finally change the 'ErrorMessage' to something like 'Please enter a valid date'.

Note that the date format expected is '28/06/2013',  '28/06/13', '2013/06/28', or '13/06/28  Anything else will trigger the validation error.