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In what is intended to be a series of templates, the first is a 'mobile-friendly' responsive template with a 'sticky footer'.

'Mobile-Friendly' Responsive Template

An example as much as a template, this is a 'mobile friendly' layout using HTML5 plus CSS3 and 'responsive design'. It also has a 'sticky footer' that stays at the bottom of the browser window on pages with limited content. It's a simple layout but suggestions are given for you to personalize it.

Here's the desktop view.

desktop view image

And here's the mobile view.

mobile view image


Please see the Readme section before attempting to use the template.

The template has been thorougly tested on the majority of desktop and mobile browsers, from IE6 upwards.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

You can see the full template on a mobile device by scanning the QR code below.

QR code image

Download the template