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ASP.Net Masterpages in Expression Web

Expression Web supports ASP.Net Masterpages, with two issues, one negative, one positive.

First the negative

When you create a Masterpage it has two ContentPlaceholders by default, the Content placeholder (normally id= 'ContentPlaceHolder1') and the Head placeholder (normally id='Head').

However when you create a page from the masterpage and work with it in either design or code view, only the main ContentPlaceHolder is visible. The result of this is that you can't alter the page properties (right-click 'Page Properties') and change the page description or keyword entries.

The only way I've found to get the Head contentplaceholder to show is to alter something that results in a page style being created. For example highlight some text and click the right-indent icon on the formatting tool bar. If you then left-indent it to undo this action (note left-indent, not the undo function) this will have exposed the head ContentPlaceHolder. You can now edit the page properties, add additional meta tags, script etc in this head section.

Now the positive

Unlike Visual Studio, Expression Web lets you put default content into ContentPlaceHolders on the masterpage. (In a similar way as you might do with DWTs).

Once you've used this it's annoying to find that it's not supported in VS which uses a version of Expression Web as its Web Developer design surface.