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Any Expression by Tina Clarke

Spider Web Woman Designs by Kathleen Anderson

Genealogy Computer Tips and Tutorials by Patricia Geary

Design is Philosophy by Morten Rand-Hendriksen


These are now quite old but still worth looking at.

Expression Web Team Blog 

The Expression Designers Blog  Covers all the Expression products

Discussion Groups, Lists and Newsgroups

The MS Expression Forum

By Expression Web Designer

Any Expression Ezine on Yahoo

Script Junkie - A Microsoft MSDN resource for serious web development


Add-Ins, Components etc

Add-In Compatability

xWeb Version V1 V2 V3 SP1 V4 Free
Ajatix Advanced CSS Drop Down Menu x x x x  
Ajatix Pure CSS Drop Down Menu x x x x  
Ajatix Lightbox x x x x  
Ajatix Image/Banner Rotator x x x x  
FP Bot Macro x x
Eric Mayers CSS Sculptor x x      
Jimco Spawn x x
CSSMenuTools Lightbox Advancer x x x x  
CSSMenuTools Horizontal Menu Advancer x x x x  
CSSMenuTools Vertical Menu Advancer x x x x  
CSSMenuTools Accordion Menu x x x x  
MS Schema Add-In x       x
Vista Buttons Add-In x x x x  
V4 Specific Add-Ins
AddFeed - add RSS feeds to a page       x x
Attach-JS - adds a javascript file ref to a page       x x
Close All - close all open pages with a click       x x
Copyright Notice - auto-updating copyright       x x
HTML5 Placeholder       x x
Sub/Sup Text - convert text to sub/sup       x x
WinPaste - paste clean html from MS Word       x x
WinPop - add accessible pop-up windows       x x
Custom Toolbars for xWeb       x x
Extensibility Tester: test JavaScript live       x x
HTML5 Schema add-in       x x
Insert a Bing Map       x x
Insert a You Tube Video       x x
SlapShot - view a live preview of pages       x x

Ajatix CSS Drop Down Menu - Integrated CSS menu generator. The new version supports EW V1, V2, V3SP1 and V4

FP Bot Macro - puts the Database Results Wizard and Photo Gallery back into EW

Vista Buttons Add-In - creates buttons and menus with the Vista look

EW Specific Tools

Contact Form Generator for Expression Web - Free on-line tool by CTRFX that generates an aspx contact form.

EW Cleaner - From MVP Steve Easton. Cleans out the web cache and temp files that can slow EW down; plus other functions.

EW Cleaner for xWeb V4

EW Cleaner for xWeb V3

FP Cleaner for xWeb V1 and V2 (Plus Frontpage and Sharepoint Designer)


Templates and Tools

Need a template? See this Open Source site OSWD.org

Free CSS Templates freeCSStemplates.org

CSS Templates and layout tools, see the CSS links page

CSS Menu Generator, Sitemap Generator, Template Generator and more. The Menu Generator produces pure CSS menus without any JavaScript that are compatible with FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome and IE6 upwards.

PHP Form Script Generator - From MVP James Huggins

FavIcon Generator from Dynamic Drive

FavIcon Generator from HtmlKit, includes more sizes

Accessibility Tools and Wizards A good collection, use them as they are or modify the results. Useful learning tool.

Create Accessible pop-up windows  One of the above tools (But see the WinPop Add-In above if you use xWeb V4).

URL Encode Generator - if a url has spaces or special characters it will need to be URL Encoded before it will work in a browser. You can do it by hand but this tool is a lot easier.

HTML Character Entity Encoding - get the ©'s etc right using this table

Or encode a block of text using this tool. (Useful for displaying code on a page).

Cross Browser Multipage Photo Gallery in CSS - Stu Nichols has a photo gallery using just CSS, that validates.

Visual Lighbox a free tool to create photo albums based on the Lightbox script in a few clicks without any coding.

Need to convert code from C# to VB or vice versa? See this Toolbox on DeveloperFusion

JavaScript Compression can speed up page load times. See JS Minifier

Accessibility Tools and Links

W3C List of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Not exhaustive but a useful list nevertheless.

Access Keys checks websites and offers awards based on how easy to use they are based on four categories of criteria:

1) HTML attributes

2) Multimedia

3) Navigation and Structure

4) Usability

They have a number of tools that makes the assessments, including:

AccessColor - checks the colour difference and colour brightness values for a site

On-Line References

SitePoint now has comprehensive on-line references for CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

These are excellent searchable resources that cover both basic and in-depth detail of the subject.



SSW Rules and Standards

An interesting and useful list of rules and standards for lots of topics from 'Rules for Happy Clients' to 'Rules for better Website Graphics'.

The HTML Float

A great tool that demonstrates the effects of 'float' and 'clear' in HTML in real time as they are altered on the page.