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Microsoft® Expression® Web is a leading tool for professional front-end web development.

It brings together all the elements needed for:

  • Standards-based Web sites
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Pre-Built CSS-based layouts
  • Extensive CSS formatting and management
  • Rich data presentation
  • Powerful support for ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.5 / 4.0

Additionally, for intensive code development, Expression Web works perfectly alongside Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013®

Expression Web

Now a free download

In Dec 2012 Microsoft announced they were consolidating their web design and development offerings into Visual Studio®. The current V4SP2a version of Expression Web became a free download with no further development and only community support.

Despite this it remains an excellent web editor, significantly better than offerings from most other vendors and currently still better than Visual Studio for front-end development.

Download the free version.

Expression Gallery closed

In line with the discontinued development on Expression products, Microsoft closed the Expression Gallery on March 7th 2013. Given the continued popularity of the products this is a great shame. See Expression Gallery News

The Add-Ins, Snippets and Template I had on the Gallery are available on this site and also on the MSDN Archive .

EW SuperPreview withdrawn

The Remote SuperPreview service was withdrawn in June 2013.

Note that local SuperPreview has also been disabled in the free version of EW V4 although it still works in other versions.

Free Add-Ins, Templates and Snippets


V4 Add-Ins - Free add-ins for download.


SP2 HTML5, Meta tag/Robots, Google +1, CDN and Mobile snippets download 


Expression MVPs Tina Clarke and Pat Geary have a set of DWT templates for EW. www.frontpage-to-expression.com

I have a Mobile-Friendly responsive template for download

Cheryl Wise has a series of EW templates at by-expression.com/page/Templates

Tina Clarke has a series of 'regular expression' queries which can be used for cleaning a site of deprecated tag attributes etc. See Tina's any-expression site.

V4 Resources

Microsoft Showcase of the new SP2 features

Description of SP2 - MS Knowledgebase Article

Tutorials for the new  SP2 'Snippets' panel and the JQuery snippets

V4 on Windows 8

The Windows 8 upgrade advisor incorrectly flags EW V4 as needing attention and suggests that an upgrade is available. You may also find you cant activate the product. More

General EW Tips

Installation Issues? Although rare they can be frustrating. This post from Steve Guttman on the EW Team may help.

Password protecting pages and sites

Form validation with HTML5 or using FP2203 to create it for you.

Margins and Padding Altering Margins and Padding the simple way

Incremental Search (Find-as-you-type) 

Creating robots.txt files in Expression Web. Be aware of the text encoding.

Protecting email addresses from email harvesters

My Site won't validate with JavaScript. Why?

Adding a Quicktime movie to a page. EW doesn't yet support this directly but see this article on Alistapart.

Expression Web and ASP.Net

First Steps with ASP.Net A simple introduction using a GridView

Expression Web and ASP.Net Simple Hand coding

ASP.Net Tips Applicable to Expression Web and Visual Studio

Validation Controls - Some tips on using them

ASP.Net Masterpages in Expression Web

Expression Web and PHP

With Version 2 Expression Web now supports PHP scripting and development. To preview php pages you need to install PHP and this extract from the Help files show how to set it up.

Setting up PHP 

An article from the RIA Development Center reviewing the PHP support in EW V2

EW Resources

Links to Resources Updated




Design for the Mobile^ Web

Some background and resources about designing for the COMPLETE web. Updated February 2015

MS Resources for EW

Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web

An article giving some detail if you're new to Expression Web


A blog provided by MS Technical authors "dedicated to improving the quality and usability of the documentation for the Microsoft Expression family of products." Blog   Twitter Feed 


A Microsoft MSDN resource for serious web development

Expression Web Support Team

The team created a blog with solutions to installation issues plus other hints. It's well tagged to help you find relevant content. xweb support blog

Moving from FrontPage to Expression Web?

There are now lots of resources to help you do this. Start here:

Expression Web Forums

The Expression forums have now moved to MSDN.

English Forum:


The French Expression Forum:


The German Forum at:


The Italian Forum at:


Cheryl Wise also runs an independant EW Forum which has fewer posting issues than the MSDN forums, at:



The Mobile Web

A great new resource from SitePoint.


Has sections on developing responsive sites for use on mobiles, plus devloping apps for the three main platforms.

Hints and Tips

CSS Links and Tips Updated June 2015

ASP.Net code tips

JavaScript Tips

Add MSDN/Technet/Expression 'Bookmarklets' to a page

Webmaster Tools - Resources for webmasters, SE tools etc.

Browser Issues

IE10 - Be Prepared

If you are running ASP.Net sites there's an important server update that you need to check for so that they work with IE10.

There's also a tweak you may need to make for previewing sites on IE10 from within EW.

IE10 on Windows Phone 8 also has an issue with media queries.

More details on these.

asp:menu in IE8 The asp:menu control in ASP.Net 2 will  not display in IE8. There are two solutions. 1) Force the browser into IE7 compatibility mode or the better solution here which fixes the problem correctly.

IE Tester is a free web browser that allows you to have the rendering and JavaScript engines of IE10, IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6 and IE5 on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, as well as the installed version. It's a beta release so has bugs but is usable and free.

MS VPC Images for running old (or newer) versions of IE. If the tester above gives you problems or you'd prefer to run genuine versions see the MS VPC IMages

ASP.Net Menus in Safari

Browser Extensions for web development.

FireFox-like search in IE   Find-as-you-type 

FireFox loading very slowly when you preview a page on localhost? See this blog entry from Dan Wahlin

IIS Issues

Introductory Video on setting up IIS7. An excellent tutorial showing how to set sites up to use IIS

IIS7 Resources

HTML Emails

Do you create HTML emails? If so you need to be aware of how Outlook 2007 renders them 

An excellent article on SitePoint about creating HTML emails


Sitemaps - The standard XML sitemap format gives a common protocol for search engine auto-discovery. See www.sitemaps.org for a good FAQ and details of the protocol and format.

On-line sitemap creation